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Complete Streets for the Richmond Region

Ashland Complete Streets Pilot Project

Complete Streets Open House Sept. 23, 2019Complete Streets: Safer Streets/Stronger Economies

The public open house was held on September 23, 2019 at Henrico County’s Tuckahoe Library. Facilitated by Smart Growth America and Michael Baker International, and PlanRVA, the open house provided the general public, TPO Policy Board and committee members an opportunity to review recommendations for undertaking a more comprehensive process for implementing complete streets practices in the Town of Ashland and the region.

Due to its urban, suburban and rural character, the Town of Ashland served as the pilot community in 2019, contributing to a comprehensive region-wide analysis of specific design practices and principles that make a street function effectively for all users and modes of travel. TPO staff will use the findings from this pilot project to create a complete streets tool kit for the region’s localities to consider as they plan, design and maintain their travel networks.


Complete Streets

Complete Streets are designed to facilitate safe access for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit riders of all ages and abilities. They make it easy to cross streets, walk to retail areas and travel to work. They also allow buses to run on schedule and make it safe for people to travel to and from train stations.

When creating Complete Streets, transportation planners and engineers must design and operate the entire right of way to enable safe access for all users, regardless of age, ability or mode of transportation. Complete Streets make the transportation network safer for drivers, transit users, pedestrians and bicyclists.

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