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Street Name Clearinghouse Program

Street Name Clearinghouse

The regional Street Name Clearinghouse (SNC) is a program managed by PlanRVA.  The intent of the program is to avoid and eliminate, whenever possible, existing street name duplicates.

With the implementation of the E-911 system for Emergency Responders (Charles City, Chesterfield, Hanover, Henrico, Goochland, New Kent, Powhatan, Richmond) avoiding duplication is important in preventing potential delays in emergency service response. There is an additional benefit in reducing confusion related to public and private delivery services and costs.

The Street Name Clearinghouse (SNC) program is advisory only. Following the recommendations is at the prerogative of each local government.  These guidelines summarize the responsibilities of PlanRVA staff, local government staff, and the developers (or their agents) in obtaining street name approvals.

Street Naming Process

There are many stages of review before a subdivision development is ultimately built. Local governments recommend that the developer submit an approval form from the PlanRVA Street Name Clearinghouse along with their final plat for development approval.

The street name review process works best if the developer contacts the Clearinghouse early in the process.  Ideally, a developer should clear the proposed names through the SNC before completion of the preliminary plat, so the names may be submitted for approval from the locality along with the preliminary plat.

There are circumstances where the development theme, the subdivision name or the street names may change, requiring re-submission for new naming.  We will attempt to accommodate those late changes and urgent priorities; however, we accept no responsibility for missed deadlines.

We distribute Street Name Request Instructions to help inform the development community.  We encourage developers and localities to update the clearinghouse once plats are recorded.  This enables us to maintain an accurate and up-to-date name listing.

Street Naming Procedures

  1. The Developer/Architect/ Engineer or the local government submits a street name reservation request form as an Excel doc to PlanRVA .  The form requires information about the contact person, the locality, the proposed street names, and street type.
  2. PlanRVA staff reviews the proposed names using the SNC criteria and name database. Duplicates and "like sounding" names are flagged.
  3. Following the review, notification is sent to the developer advising which names are acceptable and which names are not.  This notification can be submitted, along with the development plans to the local jurisdiction.
  4. Street names are reserved for the developer for two years. If delays occur, an extension must be requested, and an additional two years can be provided. Extensions require that a request form be re-submitted and selecting the “extension” box.
  5. A Street Name Listing of reserved and existing names is generated from the database and is available on our website.

Street Naming Submissions & Questions

Street Name Clearinghouse requests can be sent to

All related questions can also be directed to this address.