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Get Involved

Actions You Can Take Now


  • Richmond Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RRTPO)
    • Draft Public Engagement Plan--a high level framework for how we'll engage with the public.
    • Open for public comment through early March 2024.
  • Central Virginia Transportation Authority (CVTA)
      • Regional leaders will make funding decisions worth an estimated $151.5 million to improve local bike, pedestrian, bridge, and highway infrastructure over the next four years. 
      • See the project list and comment (Feb 8-Feb 22).
      • Attend the public/board meeting Feb 23 in person or online.
  • Transportation Forum
        • Fri, March 15, 7:45am. Space is limited.
        • Community leaders, advocates, and experts are invited to hear & share personal stories, kick off the Long Range Transportation Plan, and take the plan back to your communities.


Our region will grow and become increasingly diverse over the next 30 years, and our challenge is to maintain and enhance the region’s quality of life as we prepare for that growth. Everyone has a stake in our region. If you live or work in RVA, your perspective can help us formulate what it will take to maintain a high quality of life in the years to come.

We'll help put your ideas into action.

Get Educated

Be Part of the Solution!

  • Contact Us and share your thoughts and ideas.  We’d love to hear from you!  Your ideas and comments on agenda items at Commission, Board and Committee meetings and on general matters are welcome at any time.
  • Contact your PlanRVA Commissioner.  Commissioners welcome input from residents.
  • Contact your Transportation Policy Board Member. A phone call, letter or email message can make a difference.
  • Attend Meetings and Events to help shape your community's future by attending our meetings. All meetings are open to the public and occur regularly. Citizens, advocacy groups, businesses and others are welcome to attend. Public input is welcome at meetings and time is reserved at the beginning of each meeting for comment on agenda or non-agenda items.
  • Public Participation on issues related to major planning efforts help to ensure that our work reflects the diverse thoughts and interests of citizens in our region. There are opportunities throughout the year to get involved in shaping regional plans and programs.
  • In Transportation, our Public Engagement Plan (PEP) is a high level framework for how we'll engage with the public. Specific plans will have their own activities.
    • the PEP is currently open for public comment through early March 2024.
  • Read more about the Federal Title VI Requirements.
  • Surveys are another important tool that helps us gather feedback on proposed plans and improvements in your area.
  • Invite Us to Speak. Want to learn more about the PlanRVA’s work? We can provide a speaker for your next meeting, luncheon, workshop, symposium or summit. We’re interested in presenting to neighborhood associations, chambers of commerce, civic clubs and organizations, non-profit boards, local legislative bodies, other planning commissions, and regional and national conferences.