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Richmond Regional Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee for the Richmond Regional Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan meets plans for the update to the planning for active transportation network. See the agendas and related materials for future and past meetings (archived below).

Bicycling and walking are affordable and environmentally friendly modes of transportation that should be safe and attractive travel options for everyone. Planning so that pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists can travel safely and conveniently can be a balancing act, but they are significant. Communities that are bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly have one thing in common: they place a high priority on plans and projects that are focused on ensuring that the region is walkable, bikeable and interconnected, making it a vibrant place to be.


Regional bicycle & pedestrian infrastructure map

Richmond Regional Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan

Richmond Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan 2004

Steering Committee Meetings