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RRTPO Committees

Executive Committee

Town of Ashland

  • John H. Hodges - Vice Mayor
  • Anita Barnhart (Alternate) - Town Council

Charles City County

  • Byron Adkins, Sr. - Board of Supervisors
  • William G. Coada (Alternate) - Board of Supervisors

Chesterfield County

  • Christopher Winslow (Chair) - Board of Supervisors
  • James M. Holland (Alternate)  - Board of Supervisors

Goochland County

  • John L. Lumpkins, Jr. - Board of Supervisors
  • Susan F. Lascolette, (Alternate) - Board of Supervisors

Hanover County

  • W. Canova Peterson, IV (Vice Chair) - Board of Supervisors
  • Sean M. Davis (Alternate) - Board of Supervisors

Henrico County

  • Frank J. Thornton - Board of Supervisors
  • Patricia S. O’Bannon (Alternate) - Board of Supervisors

New Kent County

  • Patricia A. Paige - Board of Supervisors
  • C. Thomas Tiller, Jr. (Alternate) - Board of Supervisors

Powhatan County

  • David T. Williams - Board of Supervisors
  • Karin M. Carmack (Alternate) - Board of Supervisors

City of Richmond

  • Cynthia I. Newbille - City Council
  • Andreas D. Addison (Alternate) - City Council

Advisory Committees

The RRTPO is served by two advisory committees: the Technical Advisory Committee and the Community Transportation Advisory Committee. All meetings of the RRTPO and its advisory committees are open to the public and include opportunity for participation.

Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) works alongside professional staff to develop planning and programming recommendations for the Transportation Policy Board.

The TAC consists of administrators, planning directors, and transportation engineers from local governments and transportation related agencies.

Community Transportation Advisory Committee

The Community Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC) serves as an advisory committee to the RRTPO Board.

This committee gives the citizens of our region, a unique opportunity to help guide the transportation planning process and to lend a citizen’s lens through which our process can be viewed. The CTAC ensures that the voices and perspectives of the public are received by the RRTPO and considered in our transportation planning process.