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What is Transportation?

Transportation word cloud

Transportation is Important to Our Everyday Lives

  • Takes us to work, school, healthcare appointments and more
  • Helps deliver our goods and services
  • Connects us to others
  • Improves our quality of life

Modes of Transportation Have Evolved Over Time

Transportation involves different modes working as a system. The different modes of transport include land, air, and water. The primary goal is the safe, efficient movement of people and goods.


Transportation Infrastructure

Transportation is more than just individual modes of transportation; there’s an enormous amount of infrastructure involved. That infrastructure includes  the built environment that conveys people and vehicles.


Innovations in Transportation

Innovation has been an important factor in transportation since the beginning of time. Modern transportation has deep roots in the history of new and radical ideas from long ago. Crossing seas, flying high and moving faster have been ambitions for longer than most people realize.

A timeline
3500 BC Wheels On Carts
2000 BC Horses Domesticated And Used For Transportation
1500 BC First Stone Surface Roads
1492 Leonardo Davinci Theorizes About Flying Machines
1492 Columbus Sets Sail From Spain And Crosses The Atlantic
1662 Blaise Pascal Invents First Public Bus
1787 Steamboat Invented
1790 Modern Bicycles Invented
1804 Steam Locomotive Invented
1815 The Beginning Of Hard Surfaced Roads
1825 Erie Canal Opens
1850 Clipper Ships Set Sail
1863 First Subway Line Opened In London
1867 First Motorcycle Invented
1869 Suez Canal Opens
1880 Daimler & Benz Build Gas Engine Autos
1903 The Wright Brothers Fly
1908 Henry Ford Improves the Automobile Manufacturing Assembly Line
1914 Panama Canal Open
1916 Federal Aid Road Act Established
1940 Modern Helicopters Invented
1947 First Supersonic Jet Flight
1952 Commercial Air Service Launches
1956 Federal Interstate Highway Act Created
1957 First Rocket Used to Launch Satellite Sputnik Into Space
1961 Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin Becomes First Human in Space
1964 Bullet Train Transportation invented
1969 First Manned Mission to the Moon (Apollo)
1970 First Jumbo Jet Flight
1981 Space Shuttle Launched
1989 Commercial GPS Systems Launched
1997 Modern Hybrid Electric Cars Go Into Production
2000 First Crew Arrives at the International Space Station
2001 Segway Introduced
2008 First Tesla Roadster is Delivered
2009 UBER is Launched
2018 Virgin Galactic “Space Ship Two” Reaches Space