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Central Virginia Transportation Authority

About Us

The Central Virginia Transportation Authority is a newly-created authority in central Virginia that provides new funding opportunities for priority transportation investments across the region. This Authority was established by the 2020 General Assembly of Virginia and RRTPO is a resource for the Authority through both expert planning advice and staff support. This landing page is temporary in nature until the CVTA website is completed. It is a priority of the CVTA and of RRTPO that its meetings and decision-making process is transparent and accessible to the general public.

The Central Virginia Transportation Authority comprises the counties and cities located in Planning District 15. The Authority will administer transportation funding generated through the imposition of an additional regional 0.7 percent sales and use tax (revenue collection begins October 2020) and a wholesale gas tax of 7.6 cents per gallon of gasoline and 7.7 cents per gallon of diesel fuel (revenue collection begins July 2020). The gas tax rates would be indexed for inflation. The bill requires a local maintenance of effort for transit funding of at least 50 percent of what was provided on July 1, 2020, with such amount to be indexed beginning in 2023. The Authority is directed to review the governance structure of existing transit service in the Richmond region, and evaluate the possibility of creating a transportation district, and report its findings by December 1, 2020 to the Governor and the General Assembly.

Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Presentations

Central Virginia Transportation Authority

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