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Adoption of the Region’s Hazard Mitigation Plan

PlanRVA works with the Crater Planning District Commission on a joint plan that covers 22 localities in the two regions called the Richmond-Crater Multi-Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan. Every five years the plan is reassessed and updated per FEMA requirements. In 2020, PlanRVA began the planning process for the 2022 update and worked with Salter’s Creek Consulting to perform the analysis and develop a plan document.

A draft plan was finalized and approved by the Virginia Department of Emergency Management and FEMA last summer. Localities in the Richmond and Crater regions began adopting the plan in August 2022. Today, PlanRVA is pleased to announce that all 22 localities have finally adopted the updated plan!

The Importance of Hazard Mitigation Planning and Adoption

Hazard mitigation planning is a process undertaken to reduce loss of life and property by lessening the potential impact of future disasters. The 2022 Richmond-Crater Multi-Region Hazard Mitigation Plan is a tool to increase public awareness about local hazards and risks by providing information on the resources available to reduce those risks.

To adopt the plan, a locality’s board of supervisors or local governing council was required to vote on the plan and sign an adoption resolution.

The adoption of a hazard mitigation plan is vital for localities as it secures eligibility for federal disaster assistance, guides efficient resource allocation and promotes community resilience. It also enhances public awareness of hazards, encourages a culture of preparedness and ensures policy continuity, even amid leadership changes. Additionally, it satisfies legal requirements in many jurisdictions. This step reflects a commitment to safeguard residents, businesses and infrastructure from potential hazards, demonstrating a proactive approach to community planning and growth.

The region is vulnerable to a wide range of hazards that threaten the safety of residents and have the potential to damage or destroy both public and private property and disrupt the local economy and overall quality of life. While the threat from hazards may never be fully eliminated, the Richmond-Crater Multi-Region Hazard Mitigation Plan recommends specific actions designed to protect residents, business owners and the built environment.

You can learn more about the Richmond Crater Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan here, in addition to the planning process.

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