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Shape the future of our region’s transportation by participating in public comment


Since the creation of the Central Virginia Transportation Authority (CVTA), the organization has continued to provide vision and analysis related to the region’s far-reaching transportation needs but, importantly, serves as a means for attracting and raising the necessary funding that makes ambitious transportation projects a reality.

Member localities have engaged in a competitive application process where regionally significant projects were submitted for funding. CVTA staff assessed the projects’ merit, cost, and regional value using an approved project selection and allocation framework before determining a draft slate of final project commitments.

The proposed projects cover a wide range of transportation needs across the region, estimated at $151.5 million to improve local bike, pedestrian, bridge, and highway infrastructure over the next four years.

The CVTA is seeking public comment on the next round of proposed projects. This process happens only every two years, and this is the result. Now, the projects are open for your input.

Here are two ways to submit your feedback:

1. A 15-day public comment period is open from February 8, 2024-February 22, 2024.

2. Submit comments during the public hearing:

  • In person: February 23, 2024, at 9am at PlanRVA at 424 Hull St Suite 300, Richmond, VA 23224
  • Virtual: Register for the Zoom Webinar and submit your comments via the Q&A dialog box

Your feedback is essential in shaping the future of transportation in the region. By providing your input, you can help ensure that the projects funded by the CVTA reflect the needs and priorities of the community.


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