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PlanRVA completes first phase of EPA’s Climate Reduction Grants Program 

Sunset in a field of flowers
Sunset in a field of flowers

PlanRVA completed the Priority Climate Action Plan, (PCAP), on March 1st, 2024, as part of the first phase of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Climate Pollution Reduction Grants (CPRG) program. 

The CPRG program provides funding to states, local governments, Tribes, and territories to develop and implement plans for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and other harmful air pollution. The PCAP identifies high priority, ready-to-implement, GHG reduction measures that will provide significant GHG reductions and other benefits to the Richmond region metropolitan statistical area (MSA). There’s a focus in this planning effort to engage with and direct benefits to low-income disadvantaged communities (LIDACs) in alignment with the Justice 40 initiative. 

The PCAP signifies the first GHG inventory done in the region and was developed with the direction of a steering committee made up of stakeholders from across our localities and input from affected communities. There was high public interest in a GHG reduction plan, with over 800 responses received on an MSA-wide GHG emissions survey, which asked how people are impacted by pollution from transportation and waste. To engage with LIDACs more specifically during the limited timeframe, in-person outreach was conducted near libraries serving LIDACs to supplement the online community survey. The survey was available in Spanish as well as English, and 34% of respondents reported income below statewide median income levels. Extensive outreach was done with community organizations who serve local and regional communities, which resulted in partnership discussions and facilitated focus groups.  


The PCAP identifies the following seven priority measures that are implementation-ready to reduce GHG emissions in the short- and long-term: 

Seven priority measures that are implementation-ready to reduce GHG emissions in the short- and long-term


Publishing the PCAP made Richmond MSA localities eligible to apply for over $4 billion in implementation grants. PlanRVA led a coalition application with the Central Viriginia Transportation Authority (CVTA) and the City of Petersburg to fund remaining gaps in the Fall Line Trail. Following the completion of the PCAP, PlanRVA has now begun work on the Comprehensive Climate Action Plan (CCAP), which will include near- and long-term GHG emission reduction goals and strategies as well as a timeline for achieving reduction goals. The CCAP is due in 2025 and will include all sectors that contribute to air pollutant emissions. Looking forward to the CCAP process, PlanRVA is committed to increased engagement with residents most impacted by air pollution and climate change in ways that are transparent, equitable, and accessible. 


Read the full PCAP Report or check out Climate Resilient RVA to learn more about the PlanRVA’s CPRG program efforts.  

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